Leather Bag

Besides kick-ass seats Silver Machine also makes custom accessories for your bike. For instance this small bag made from quality leather with a double puller zip closure, and a small pouch on top with snap buttons. This show model goes for €150,-.
measures 22cm (width at bottom) x 19cm x 4,5 cm.

Royal Enfield seat

Clean scrambler seat for a Royal Enfield bike. I received the seat pan from Workhorse Speedshop and I did the rest. Shaped the foam and made the ‘vintage’ leather cover. A light brown colour to match the grips.

Harley Bagger seat

Bagger seat ready for the Big Twin bikeshow. Made this one for Deve Baggers, they made the seat pan (and bike) and I shaped the foam and cover. Made from high grade vinyl and Alcatara, all double stitched with heavy duty yarn. Go check it out this weekend at the Big Twin Bikeshow.

Custom Biro

Custom seats for a Biro electric car. My client wanted to get rid of the 2 little seats and some more room. So I made a bench seat and back rest, the bench is 7cm longer for more room (smaller trunk now). Trunk and back rest also covered with leather, new head rests and upholstered steering wheel.

Harley Sportster Cafe Racer seat

Here’s a Harley cafe racer with a new seat I made. Remodelled the seat pan so it fits the cowl and frame better, also filled up the gap between tank and seat. Raised the seat height 2 cm and made a new cover of Alcantara and vinyl. Added a bar and shield as a little extra.

BMW R nineT seat

New seat of BMW R nineT seats done. Brown leather and brown diamonds. Making sure the pattern flows form one seat to another is part of the job. Send me your R nineT seats if you want something special and unique on your bike, there isn’t much that can’t be done.

Yamaha XS650 seat

All new Yamaha XS650 seat ready, owner/builder made the seat pan (back part from an old tank) I shaped new foam and stitched the pattern by hand with my machine, Yamaha logo embroidered on the back. Cover made of brushed and normal black leather, all full grain of course.⁠

BMW bobber seat

Another BMW R-series bobber seat ready, this one went to Ireland. All black version this time. Black leather with a tail light with smoked lens. Going to look cool on the bike.

Kawasaki W650 seat

New Kawasaki W650 seat I made, this one has a minimal integrated tail brake light, really like how it turned out. Base made of fibre glass and will fit the stock frame and hardware. Custom foam and a black cover made of full grain leather. Tuck n roll in black and a double red top stitch. Will be riding around on the streets of New York in a while.

Triumph Thruxton seat

Made a new cover for this Triumph Thruxton from a nice dark brown leather, top stitch with a matching thread. Looking for a new cover for your Triumph, send me your stock seat and I’ll upgrade it. Materials/thread/colours etc are all custom options.