Honda Rebel seat

Honda Rebel seat ready, laser engraved logo stitched on with precision. I put a lot of effort in these seats and make sure all stitches and seams are as straight as possible. I also make sure the pattern on the seat is symmetrical and evenly spaced, and where lines and/or seams come together they line up. When you appreciate these kind of details and looking for quality you’re at the right address.

BMW K75 seat

Here’s another BMW K-series seat I made. Seat pan made right here from fibre glass/poly resin. Added and shaped foam and made a cover from full grain leather. And this one also has an integrated brake/rear light.

BMW K75/K100 seat

Nice seat for a BMW K100, this one’s in France by now. Brushed and smooth leather in black and a cool stitching pattern in ‘gold’. Seat pan made by Kustom-Moto. He makes these seat pans in 2 variations, both are cool and will look the part on your K-project.

Ducati Scrambler seat

Riding into the weekend like a king (or queen) with this tight Ducati Scrambler seat. Client came to me for a new cover and more comfort so I replaced the foam at the sitting area for a better foam and made a new cover with 2 vinyls and a red top stitch.

Yamah HL500 seat

Used an old pair of riding pants for this seat. The owner of the bike wanted me to recycle them and give the seat a worn in look, he also gave me 2 patches to sew on and give the seat some extra flavour. Lot of work to get the worn parts where I wanted them but the I’m real happy with the result.. Seat is from a Yamaha HL500.

Harley Evo custom seat

New seat for this custom Evo project. Made a fibre glass seat pan, added and shaped foam and stitched up a new cover from black full grain leather. Made sure all patterns line up at the front and rear center and no gap at the front with the tank.

Husqvarna 701 Enduro seat

Customised a Husqvarna 701 Enduro seat. Added some foam in the middle and changed the shape of the seat pan in the front to cover a gap and prevent rain/water from leaking in the air filter. After that a new suede cover, no fancy stitching here, but still looking good and functional as well. Follow @rolandpeelen on his offroad journey to Italy..

BMW K75 seat

Custom seat for a K75 bike. Seat pan and logo received from client he and let me do the rest. This time the logo was laser engraved straight on to the top of the seat and I traced the lines with my sewing machine. Nice and soft black leather with a red top stitch.

Honda CB750 seat

Honda CB750 seat all done.. I made the seat pan from fibre glass and poly resin. Foam shaped with a high density foam and cover made of marine grade vinyl and Alcantara. Black double top stitch and white and golden top stitch on the side to match the tank. Happy weekend everybody..