Dutch Motorcycle Festival 2017

I’ll be at the @dutchmotorcyclefestival¬†the 26th. And you can be there too… for free. I’m giving away 5 tickets so you can enjoy some bikes, music and good food. Follow me on Instagram (/silvermachine.nl), leave a comment and next Monday I’ll pick 5 winners. See you there.

Kawasaki Z400 seat

Finished this project. Removed all unnecessary tabs from the frame and welded on a loop while preserving the old shock mounts. After that a fibre glass seat pan, foam and custom black leather upholstery. Fun project to work on..

BMW K100 seat

Remodelled a BMW K100 seat. slimmed down the sides and raised the front area for a higher riding position. After that some slick black leather, diamonds and smooth curves on the side.

Triumph Streettwin

Adjusted this @triumph_nl streettwin seat for @roelsiebrand. Raised the front end about 2 inches for some added comfort and height. And a new leather cover.

Harley Seat

@wildbunchindustries is building a Harley and I had the pleasure of making the seat. Got some new black leather and it’s a joy to work with.