Norton Commando seat

New seat for this Norton Commando, a lot of work into this bike by the owner and he also made the carbon seat cowl and base plate which needed upholstery, that’s where I came in. Custom shaped foam with some test fitting for comfort and a good riding position. After that I made a cover from black leather and stitched in the Norton logo. Pretty sweet bike if you ask me.

Bagger seat

Been waiting for a while to make a bagger seat. Finally had the opportunity to do one, so here it is.. first ever bagger seat done and ready for @DeVeBaggers. Made with vinyl, Alcantara and heavy duty yarn in black and grey.

Yamaha XJ600 seat

Here’s a fun little project I did. Made the complete seat from fibreglass and poly resin, after that quality foam and a cover made of brown/red leather with a ‘gold’ stitch. Also made the 2 side covers from the same material to match the seat.

BMW R100 seat and subframe

Bolt-on subframe with seat for BMW R-series. The subframe and seat pan is made by Machete Company and I did the upholstery. Light brown full grain leather with a stylish diamond on top and high quality foam.⁠⁠

Bobber seat

Seat, tank pads and grips. All made of red leather with some Porsche Singer inspired details and a Silver Machine tail light unit.

Honda CB750 seat

Just another manic Monday.. new seat for this CB, new foam and cover on the old seat pan. Black vinyl, black tuck n roll and white stitching on the sides. Sweet!!