Bates style seat and pad

Here’s a little set I made recently for @staallonwheels . He did a fine job making the seat pans and had them powder coated before bringing them to me. Made these from a full grain leather and aiming for a Bates look.

Custom KTM seat

Brown full grain leather for a custom KTM bike. This one’s going on a road trip starting in Albania and passing 5 more countries, so I hope it’s comfy enough.

Kawasaki Vulcan seat

Good start of the week with this Kawa Vulcan seat. Made another client happy with a customised seat. Lowered the seat area 5 cm and slimmed down the sides. After that a new cover with with double diamonds in white. I always make sure the diamonds end at the front and rear mid (seam). Takes some more time but worth it if you ask me.

Kawasaki KZ440 seat

Some more shiny leather, but this time in black and for a Kawa KZ440. tuck n roll and stitching and double top stitch in black. Enjoy the weekend!

Silver Machine bobber seat

Small bobber seat for sale. Made this one about a year ago to take with me on fairs as a show model. New season, new seats, so this one got to go. Now for €140,-

Yamaha XS650 seat

Yamaha XS650 seat, seat pan and foam made by client. So all I had to do is lay some leather on it. Classic look with a brown full grain leather, tuck n roll and double stitch.

Harley seat

Nice little Harley seat ready for some action. Ditched the old upholstery and made a new leather cover, stitched the double diamonds a little bit smaller as usual and incorporated a self made laser engraved patch.

Harley seat

Another Harley seat ready for action. Reshaped the foam, made it more comfortable and a black leather cover with a double diamond, also in black.

Biltwell Continental seat

FOR SALE –  Biltwell Continental seat. For a 06-17 Dyna, all black leather upholstery with a double diamond. I made this one as a show model and now it has to make place for newer seats. Goes for €295,- which is a real bargain if you ask me.