Honda CBX750f

Signbike’s SB3 just popped up on the internet. Lots of crazy cool features on this bike and one of those is my seat! Very cool to be a part of this bike. Maybe you’ve seen it at Glemmseck and if you didn’t you can see it on Pipeburn.

BMW K100 seat

Custom BMW K100 seat. Received the seat pan from my client and I shaped the foam and made the leather cover. And some smaller items, grip covers and a piece to put on the radiator cover.

Honda 500t seat

Build a complete seat for my buddy Thomas. He started this project a while ago and had some troubles finding all the parts for this Honda 500T but in now it’s ready to hit the road. Seat pan made of fibre glass/poly resin with high density foam and a full grain leather cover on top. Stitched some artwork from the tank on the seat and on the sides you can attach a strap / clamp / whatever to take something with you. In case you’re wondering who did the awesome paintwork for the tank, it’s his brother @victief who also designed the artwork for my tees.

Vintage Arai helmet

Vintage Arai helmet with Freddie Spencer signature restored. The inside was in horrible condition, took the whole helmet apart, cleaned everything up and put it back together again with new foam, all the rest are the original materials.

Harley sportster seat and pillion pad

Biltwell Sporty 8 seat with a custom Silver Machine full grain leather upholstery. Made the pillion pad to match the seat, this one has a 3mm thick leather bottom and a leather upholstery glued and stitched together. This one’s for sale and others can be made to order of course.

BMW R100 tank pads

A little addition for a bike which I made the seat for recently, custom tank pads. These are going on a BMW R100. Leather with a thermoplastic backing so it’s easy to bend them into shape.

Ducati Panigale seat

Something else this time, a Ducati Panigale seat. This one’s being used as a track bike as well and the lady who rides it had trouble staying on the bike while cornering. So I made the front and sides of the seat longer and recovered the seat with a grippy vinyl. Hope it helps on those lap times.